What are the advantages of dental implants?

 The following are just some of the advantages associated with dental implants.

- This kind of implant is designed to look and act just like a natural tooth.

- Choosing to have dental implants can put a stop to shrinkage in the jaw bone.

- If you are having trouble chewing, a dental implant will make it easier.

- You do not need glues or other adhesives, because an implanted post is used. 

For many, the thought of having to wear traditional dentures is more than a little terrifying. There is just something very final about this kind of solution, whilst dental implants are modern, and much more difficult to distinguish from real teeth.

It is also the case that dentures can slide and fall out, causing great embarrassment to the wearer. However, dental implants can be used as a way to fix dentures solidly in place, via a practice commonly known as all-on-four.

This curious name is derived from the process itself, during which four strategic post implants are affixed to the mouth, and used to tether a set of dentures to the jaw.

This is a procedure which has the potential to change lives for some patients, particularly those who have found it difficult to eat or socialize for many years. 

If you take the right steps to care for your teeth, and schedule regular check-ups with Dr.Ramillosa, your dental implants can last as long as a lifetime!

Advantages of dental implants at Our Salem Dental Clinic

The loss of natural teeth can have a big impact on the enjoyment of everyday life. It can impede healthy eating, lead to concerns about appearance, and even make talking a struggle. In fact, the loss of teeth can easily result in chronic oral health problems. 

Fortunately, dental expert Dr.Ramillosa has been fixing and positioning top quality dental implants for years, with the aim of giving people back their glowing smiles.

The modern oral implant is entirely successful in more than 95% of cases, which is a ringing endorsement, if there ever was one. Yet, it is important to realize that they achieve more than just a return to visual appeal. 


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