What is Periodontitis?

The meaning of the word Periodontitis translates to “Inflammation surrounding the tooth”. 

In layman’s terms the term Periodontitis refers to a serious infection of the gums that can lead to damaging the soft tissue surrounding the tooth and the bone that houses that tooth. 

Periodontitis is an infection that affects the periodontium.  Periodontium are tissues that support the tooth within the mouth. 

Alveolar Bones and teeth are progressively lost through Periodontitis and can lead to larger infections and abscesses if not treated properly. 

When the body is open to infection, such as through periodontitis, the overall body health is comprised.  

Bacteria and viruses take advantage of the opportunity that periodontitis presents and can cause minor and well as major ill health effects on our patients in Salem, Oregon. 

Leaving Periodontitis untreated will eventually lead to tooth decay, tooth loss, and may increase the risk of heart attack, strokes and several other health issues. 

Bacterial plaque sticks to teeth surfaces and is the most common cause of periodontal diseases. 

The first signs of a periodontal problem is general Gingivitis. Gingivitis refers to inflammation of the gums whereas periodontitis refers to the a gum disease that actually leads to loss of tissue and or bone. 

A common sign of this first stage is gums that bleed while brushing them and there is not yet any irreversible damage to the bones or tissues to the affected teeth. 

Increasing dental hygiene and scheduling regular dental cleanings reduces the risk of periodontal disease and ensures proper monitoring of the mouth for any signs of Periodontitis. 

In order to prevent Periodontitis, Dr. Ramillosa recommends flossing on a daily basis to reduce and eliminate plaque within the mouth cavity. 

Dr. Ramillosa has helped cure and control these infections through several years through progressive periodontal treatment and therapy.




Advantages of dental implants at Our Salem Dental Clinic

The loss of natural teeth can have a big impact on the enjoyment of everyday life. It can impede healthy eating, lead to concerns about appearance, and even make talking a struggle. In fact, the loss of teeth can easily result in chronic oral health problems. 

Fortunately, dental expert Dr.Ramillosa has been fixing and positioning top quality dental implants for years, with the aim of giving people back their glowing smiles.

The modern oral implant is entirely successful in more than 95% of cases, which is a ringing endorsement, if there ever was one. Yet, it is important to realize that they achieve more than just a return to visual appeal. 

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